About ATV Automotive

Front of ATV Automotive

Frank Carnevale, a factory-trained Land Rover and Jaguar technician, established ATV Automotive in 1991. Specialising in and modifying Land Rover, Range Rover and European vehicles, Frank has over 40 years experience in the automotive industry.

Following in his father’s footsteps and fuelled by passion, Frank’s son Jonathan joined the team, becoming a factory-trained European and four-wheel drive specialist.

Jonathan’s passion for four-wheel driving led him to find a niche market in Jeep modifications, and has built some of Australia’s most iconic Jeep Wranglers.

Frank and Jonathan, together with their hand-picked team, understand all the unique characteristics of your vehicle. Their wealth of knowledge, fine attention to detail, craftsmanship, bespoke customer-experience and state of the art workshop is unmatched and is the single greatest reason for producing a unique final product.

At ATV, we highly value our customers and their loyalty and therefore provide the best possible service. You can trust that we will always put our heart into our work.